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stormy paradise

未開拓な道を 駆け抜けてゆけ

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26 December
Hiya! I'm currently self-learning student of the Japanese language with a (probably unhealthy) obsession with the j-pop band . The same goes for NEWS, HSJ, and Tackey&Tsubasa. Yes, they are all JE bands. Haven't really gotten into any of the bands older than 嵐, but I'm starting to look into it. It took a year before I could pull myself away from 嵐 music and look into the other bands, and it'll probably be another year or two[or ten] before I even think of looking outside the Jimusho for other music.

I've started posting rough song translations. When I say rough, I mean (most likely) bad/wrong translations since I wouldn't consider myself anywhere near fluent. Maybe in another year or two I might be confident, but for now it's heavy reliance on dictionaries and checking up on all the different grammar. If you are fluent in Japanese, I welcome any input that could help me improve my understanding of the language.

I also occassionally dabble in LJ customization. If you see anything you like in my journal[or something that's broken] feel free to leave a comment on the stickied post of my journal.

You can find me over at http://alarafirewing.deviantart.com

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