Firewing (da_arkphyre) wrote,

ようこそ & some warnings

Hiya, not really sure why or how you got here, but feel free to wander about. I don't do much with this journal but mess about with the layout(very rarely), put up glitch pictures from the game Burnout Paradise(also rarely now that I no longer have the island DLC), and post my translations of JE(mainly 嵐) songs(most often).

While I'm more confident now with my translations, there are still times when they'll be quite rough and if you could point out any mistakes(and how to fix them) I'd be most grateful. Keep in mind that I am a native English speaker and I sometimes purposely write my translations in a way that would seem awkward, but are meant to make it easier for other students of the language to identify corresponding parts of the song.

If you would like to request a song I haven't already translated, post a comment on any of the index posts BUT for me to accept, you must include a link to the Japanese kanji lyrics and to the song itself(DL or youtube link will work). Comments are screened on the index posts so any links you post will only be visible to me. An actual legible scan/pic of the lyrics is ideal, but I may also accept a link to another site that already has the kanji typed up. I will never accept a request that doesn't provide me with a reliable and easy way to obtain the lyrics.

About posting my translations on other sites:
In the past I've had people take my translations and post them onto other sites without my permission, hence I do have some rules for my translation posts:

- If you would like to copy pasta my translations(including the romaji and the kanji) onto a different site, please ask for permission first. You don't even need to have an LJ account, just comment on this post and make sure to include the site and also your username on that site. Depending on the site, I may not give permission because I may have my own account there, so don't post until you've gotten a confirmation back.

- If all you want to do is link-back to this journal, go right ahead, but for any form of copy pasta, even if you do link back here, still needs permission first.

If you're like me and are studying the Japanese language(on your own or otherwise), then here's a few links that I find useful: - This is a paid site, but I have a free lifetime account so I'm not sure how much the price is, but I don't think it's too high up there. They are even working on an iphone app, though I'm not sure on when that particular feature is going to be released.

wwwjdic - This site, you probably already know, as it's the biggest online Jpn-Eng dictionary and many other sites always reference to here. - A Japanese-English dictionary site. It doesn't have as many entries as the site above, but it does have a Name section and shows the nanori reading for kanji. It also has a student handbook section and links to other sites that can help you study. - I'm signed up here, but have been too much of a scaredy-cat to actually start using it. The premise is that you can write in the language you are studying and native speakers will help you correct any mistakes, and you can do the same for others studying your own native language. - This site was a big help to me. I've had a class or two at a community college for Japanese, but most of what I learned probably came from here (or Rosetta Stone, I'd recommend that too). I wouldn't really recommend that a complete beginner start from here, but if you already have some knowledge and can at least read hiragana, then this site is definitely very helpful.
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