Firewing (da_arkphyre) wrote,

Had some intentions...

...of finishing up Japonism and trying to make my journal cleaner and easier to read, but of course that ended up going out the window. I'm being waylaid by all these year-end music specials and total lack of motivation. Plus I can't find the booklet for Are You Happy? so that doesn't help.

Also get distracted by kdramas, work, and video games(not always in that order). FF15 came out and then there's the VII remake coming out and KH3, plus mobile phone games(like summoners war psstfindmein113lookforphyre), and well, I'm pretty much useless for a while. I rarely even use my laptop anymore, lured away by an iPad...

So yeah, prone to being MIA with no easy way of contact(not that there was before, but eh.), will do what I can to get a bit more back into translating stuff and whatnot. Till then, see ya when I see ya!
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