Had some intentions...

...of finishing up Japonism and trying to make my journal cleaner and easier to read, but of course that ended up going out the window. I'm being waylaid by all these year-end music specials and total lack of motivation. Plus I can't find the booklet for Are You Happy? so that doesn't help.

Also get distracted by kdramas, work, and video games(not always in that order). FF15 came out and then there's the VII remake coming out and KH3, plus mobile phone games(like summoners war psstfindmein113lookforphyre), and well, I'm pretty much useless for a while. I rarely even use my laptop anymore, lured away by an iPad...

So yeah, prone to being MIA with no easy way of contact(not that there was before, but eh.), will do what I can to get a bit more back into translating stuff and whatnot. Till then, see ya when I see ya!

Finishing up Japonism trans posts...

So it seems yet again I went away for a while without completing the translations I said I'd do.

Well, I kinda went away for almost two months on an epic road/work trip around the US. Hit a total of 20 states in that time, two national parks(yellowstone and grand canyon), visited with family on the East Coast(and swam in Chesapeake Bay), had a near miss with a tornado, and it goes on and on. Just got back home a day ago, so still settling back down. I'll try finishing those posts then...

僕らがつないでいく [kanji+romaji+trans]

So I dropped off for a few days...blame Kdramas. I may or may not have mentioned before but I have a tendency to binge watch dramas when I find them really interesting. I have a habit of watching things a season or two late, so I can start and end a drama within a few days...although this time it was more like two dramas(Me too, Flower! and Entertainer). So before I find something else that interests me (or go back to a favorite like DotS) I thought I knock out a few songs.

Kanji lyricsCollapse )

Life is all about the connections you have with other people.Collapse )

Rolling Days [kanji+romaji+trans]

Ok, time for song #2. Mucked about a bit with the coding again, but I seriously hate the adaptive bit. It looks so stupid when you minimize the browser. I want the text to stay the same dammit and not get bigger or tinier or change in any way whatsoever. Phew, ok, need to let it go for now, so going to translate Sho's solo next.

Kanji lyricsCollapse )

Most days I just roll with it, but sometimes it's just like, Collapse )

Was going to get back into the swing of things...

...by finishing off the last song I needed to do for Digitalian and then jumping right into translating Japonism. But when I went to check for the scans for Japonism, lo and behold they are nowhere to be found on my laptop. I could have sworn I had it on here. If I'm lucky it's on the NAS but that's not plugged in and I can't find it anywhere. Which means there went my motivation to get back into translating stuff.

I was also going to re-do my layout yet again too but this new stupid adaptive script is just ugh. Not something I want to do on just my laptop with it's single screen(I do miss my two screen setup sometimes).

But, yeah, overall my lack of motivation is because I've been busy with work and playing phone games(I can lay the majority of the blame on Summoners War). I'm going to see if I can find some HSJ to translate, been listening to them a bunch lately, and rewatching the smart tour concert over and over again(something about the Come Back...? perf keeps me coming back. That pun? Sentence? Whatever it can be called, not intended but it works. Okay, off to find me some scans.

[update; 20ish min later] I found some usable scans...get ready for a flood...well, maybe a trickle. I work pretty slow, so it's probably only one post every hour or two.